First hike with tank in Reinhardt Regional Redwood  park, Oakland

First hike with tank in Reinhardt Regional Redwood park, Oakland

I first came to know about this park from friends instagram several months ago.

Later, I saw another post from a different friend where she took her dog off leash in this park.

Ever since I visited Muir woods, I’ve always been attracted to redwoods. There is something calming, soothing about spending time between redwood trees. When I found out dogs can run off leash here, I really wanted to have this experience with my dog, Tank! The park is located in Oakland. It was about 30 minute drive from SF. Couple of friends brought their dogs along as well. We decided to do Stream, Mill and French trail Loop. It took us roughly 2 hrs to complete and we kept a conversational pace.

Like me, if you are excited about off-leash part of the trail, i suggest starting with french trail first and finishing with Stream trail. We started with Stream trail which has signs all over that dogs must be on leash. We switched to off-leash 1.5 miles in when we got on french trail.

French trail starts on the right and Stream trail is on the left. Tank did extremely well. I’m a proud dog dad especially when it comes to his off-leash skills. He would run slightly ahead and wait for us to catch up, come when called. He looked extremely happy with his tongue out and didn’t want to get inside the car on the way back. He was also friendly with Donny and Boba and strangers on the hike. I did not see any ladybugs as mentioned in several comments on AllTrails. I took much of video recordings but now I’m realizing i should have captured some pics too.