Monetizing twitter or any social network

Monetizing twitter or any social network

Here is my idea for monetizing twitter or any social media. Twitter coins

Any activity on twitter will cost some amount of coins.

For example, posting or liking or retweeting will cost a bunch of coins.

Business accounts:

Business accounts need to buy coins. Just having a presence on the network will cost certain number of coins per day. Any activity posting, retweeting, replying to comments, DM’ing will cost more coins.

Personal accounts:

Personal accounts will get X amount of free coins every year/quarter/daily. This can be used for any activity on twitter.

When a person A likes person B’s tweet, a portion of coins goes to person B.

If person B’s tweets are valuable to twitters universe they don’t have to buy any coins since they are community funded.

coins can also be donated to encourage participation.

coins can be earned by helping with fact checking and also marking spam accounts.